Return to classics in Zulabet

By magdalena
28 January, 2022
Zulabet's review is one of the latest on our site, and the discovery of this casino can compare to one of the most surprising discoveries of recent months. We approached this casino for quite a long time, but it turned out that it really is worth trying. This can be seen, for example, based on its section with tournaments, which, according to us, is really impressive. If you're looking for a lot of impressions, Zulabet can turn out to be a casino you are looking for. Familiarize yourself with the review of this casino, but before you get there, read about the latest tournament organized on this page. We will suggest that this is a fairly sentimental option, so as an experienced player you should be satisfied.

The classic is on the Zulabet casino

Zulabet along with a very popular gaming producer decided to return to the classic. Many tournaments are currently based on newer games to provide them with greater popularity, and this time, however, it's time for positions that are not the latest, on the contrary, appeared on the market a few years ago. It is an interesting concept and refreshing for players who can be tired of tournaments with getting newer games and finally can relax with positions that they know very well.

How can you join a new Zulabet online casino tournament

Tournament with classics in the online casino zulabet He started from January 22, 2022. However, there is no problem if you now decide to join the tournament now, it's nothing lost because The whole event will last until January 28, 2022. So there is still a lot of time to understand and take part in this interesting event. If this is your first tournament, you've come well because his principles can be mastered quite quickly and there is nothing complicated.

A player who decides to participate in this tournament must know about several cases. The first of these is to always put at least 0.3 euros for each spin. Unfortunately, every spin smaller than this sum (if the game allows it), will not be completed for general settlement. There is no maximum limit, so if you want to get interesting prizes, you can immediately pay a little more. The tournament works in such a way that every 1 Euro set will be 1 point in the leader table. It is known that the more points, these you have a better chance of getting a decent prize.

We have already mentioned that In this tournament only participation of classic games from Netent Entertainment. There is not much of them because it is also a fairly short tournament, but there are enough of them to not get bored. Players during the tournament can play in:

  • Twin Spin
  • Reel Rush
  • Twin Spin Megaways
  • Starburst
  • Jack Hammer
  • Fruit Shop

It is worth remembering that only a real account money is involved in this tournament, not bonus money. Another important information is that the tournament will only take place when they will be willing to be at least 50, but you do not have to worry about Zulabet, because dozens of people use it every day.

Awards guaranteed in a new Zulabet tournament

The casino predicts rewarding 20 people, and all 1,000 euros are for hand. If you want to get them, you have to climb the leader table to the highest place. The first person will get a prize in the form of 300 euros. The second one can count on half-half, or 150 euros. The third person will receive 100 euros, and a person behind the podium will get 80 euros. Then the prizes decrease by 10 euros and in this way the last 10 people will get 10 euros.