Amazing Tournaments in Casino X

By magdalena
May 10, 2022
In the following article, we would like to bring a few tournaments closer, which will take place soon in the casino Casino X. We remember this casino because it is one of the most common on the market. In addition, it is very creative and special pictures are prepared for each tournament. Casino X always cares for interest to your players. That's why every tournament has a special topics, it is not organized for a reason. For this casino joins a very aesthetic game and a simple rule so that everyone can take part in organized tournaments. Below are only a few of them that will take place over the next days, but you must know that Casino X always has something to offer, so it's worth being a registered player.

Cosmic battle

The Space Tournament Battle begins today, i.e. May 8, 2022. This is a crazy competition in which you compete with other participants for comp. It is interesting that the casino does not place the exact number of points that will be awarded to you after winning, but you put information about the percentage you will get. In this competition, it is for hand 1000 points. Places are 10, and the first person on the list will get 40% of all points.

Another person will be awarded 18% of the entire prize, the player in the third place will get 11%, another 9%, the person in the 5th place can count on 7%, and the prize will be reduced until the player in the 10th place will get 1 % 1000 COMP points. The condition for participation in this tournament is a transition for at least 50 rounds in selected games selected by casino. Then those people who have gained the best result will be choked.

Games that matter in this tournament are related to space theme, and among them you can find Super Heroes, Space, Ticket to the Stars. Astro Magic, Space Fortune, Space Spins, Stellar Spins, Astro Pandas, Galactic Cash Attack And other cosmic games. If you like this topic, do not think long, just subscribe to the tournament.

El Diablo tournament

Another proposal from Casino X is a competition The devil. This is a tournament for all those who are vampire admirers, scary monsters, phrase, ghosts and other creatures often appearing in horror. All games about this subject were collected in one tournament in which you can take part. You will find such games as Wolf Hunters, Vikings Go to Hell, Lucky Halloween, Haunted House, Full Moon Fortune, Dracula’s Family, Dark Thirst, The Dead Escape And other similar to them.

The rules of the presented tournament are very similar to the previous proposal. All you need to do is play at least 50 rounds (you can choose 1 game or play more from them) and you will try to win as much as possible. This time Casino X also has to hand 1000 pointsand the percentages are distributed to players in the same way.

Spectator Tournament

Spectator Tournament This event you will not meet in other casinos. His action is very interesting because it is not an ordinary tournament. During the game You can track the actions of players without any consequenceswho are on the list of leaders. Winning in this tournament depend on how much you win and how many times in a row you won. You can minimally put 0.5 dollar for a single spin, if you decide to put a larger bet, you will have a better chance of winning, and this function was called "The Booster".

Games that will lead you to win come from different themes, you have to choose from, for example Scarab Riches, Wild 888, 12 Animals, African Spirit, Christmas Charm, 15 Golden Eggs, Patrick’s Pub And a few more. Unlike other proposals, this time 25 people He has a chance to win in the tournament, the prize was also spread a little differently. The first person on the spot will get 20%, the second 12% and the third 9%. Guaranteed reward 300 euroHowever, it can zoom together with players' betting.