Amazing Race Slots in Betamo!

By magdalena
26 January, 2022
Betamo casino is characterized by many casino with very nice graphics, professional service and impeccable payment of money. If you are looking for ideal bonuses, you should also go to Betamo. The casino always has something for his players in the store, so if you feel like compare with other players, you'll find something for you.

Below, we would like to present you the latest idea from Betamo, or the slots race. People who love games to play and wanting to fight with others will certainly be satisfied with this offer, so we invite you to play.

What is the Betamo slot race "Happy Slot"?

Betamo decided to organize a competition that will satisfy not only people who like competition, but also those that do not like the terms imposed in advance. contest "Happy Slot" He starts every two days every two days, so if you do not have time now, there are no contraindications, so that you start the game for another two days. This is an ideal proposition for people who really do not calmly sit down to the computer to take care of the game. On this example, you can see that Betamo also cares about people who can not always have a casino.

The big advantage of this race is that all of them count in the competition vending machines. So you will get extra money for what you like most, for playing and winning your favorite slots! There are no limits, the only condition is that you can not play any table games at that time, or live games with the dealer, they unfortunately do not count to the promotion. However, this is not a reason to worry because You still have more than 2,000 games to choose from! This tournament is intended for everyone, and zero limits only facilitate the case. It is worth remembering, however, that during the game you have to put betting with a value of at least 0.1 euro, others do not count on the competition.

What can you win in the "Happy Slot" tournament?

For every 1 euro released, the player receives 1 point in the tournament. It is the number of points that decide on which you will stand. Collect as many points as possible, and you will get a high prize. To appear in the first place, you must earn about 200,000 points, then your win is guaranteed. You will appear on the list of winners also when you get only 4,000 points, but remember that the win in this case will be much smaller.

Every two days Beamo has to give away until AUD 6,000. In addition, free spins are also given out of cash, and their pool is up to 1 500. If you are one of the winners, then You can even win up to 400 euros oncebecause this is just a win for taking first place. What's more, you can win such a sum every two days until the end of the promotion, in this case there are no limits.

For the second place, players get 200 euros, in turn for the 3rd prize is 150 euros. For the fourth place you can get 100 eurosand cash prizes apply to up to 35th place. From 36. Winning places get free spins, at the beginning it's 80 turns, and with every place this number decreases. Places to be won is 75, and the last player will be gained 20 free spins on the game, and if it is unavailable, it is on the Golden Owl of Athena. The total prize pool for winning is AUD 90,000 and 22 500 spinsA part of them may belong to you!