AUD 40,000 to be won in Vulkan Vegas

By magdalena
May 5, 2022
Vulkan Vegas is an online casino that comes back to Boomerang to our website. If you have already rejected and tried to ignore this casino, it's better to give up, because it is one of the most interesting casinos available to players from Australia. You can notice it on the basis of how often we remember. We always choose only the most interesting tournament proposals from the gambling world, and the fact that Vulkan Vegas appears on our site quite often, something testifies to something. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the next, very interesting event from which you will definitely choose.

Spinomenal Exclusive in the online casino Vulkan Vegas

Online casinos do not hide that most tournaments organized on the pages are created in cooperation with gaming manufacturers. Players usually meet events of this type and even if it is not written directly, the vast majority of tournaments are initiated by gaming suppliers. In some cases, we immediately know what the supplier has been established and it is visible, for example Spinenal exclusively one volcano vegas.

Beginner players may not know, but Spinomenal is currently one of the most valued slot type game producers on the market. If you have not yet had the opportunity to check any machine from Spinomenal, we highly recommend it. Games from this supplier are in the vast majority very well-made in terms of quality, but the manufacturer also does not forget about games that always tries to be as interesting.

If you're already a devotee of the Spinomenal manufacturer, we especially recommend the Spinomenal Exclusive tournament because only the best games of your favorite supplier will appear in it. However, if you do not know this manufacturer, we also recommend, because you will eventually have the opportunity to meet him, put your opinion and by the way Win something from a huge pool of 10,000 euros. So do not hesitate too long, sign up to Spinomenal Exclusive in Vulkan Vegas.

Details of a new tournament in Vulkan Vegas

Spinomenal Exclusive is a tournament that will be available for a few days until 10 May 2022. This is without a two sentences sufficient time to collect the appropriate number of points and thus find yourself in the leader table. If you want to take part in this tournament, you must sign up. Without an account in this online casino and without signing up, you can not take part in this event or your points will simply not be charged.

As we have already mentioned, games are specifically specified and only come from one supplier. There are thoroughly 16 and you can play only in it, and these are:

  • Book of Champions
  • Age of Pirates
  • Fruits on Ice
  • Goddess of Vulkan
  • Buffalo Rampage
  • Nights of Magic
  • Book of Diamonds
  • 100 Juicy Fruits
  • Queen of Ice
  • Book of Rebirth
  • Queen on Fire
  • Book of Tribes

At first, each player must go through 10 qualifying rounds. This means that you have to choose one or a few games you will play 10 rounds for real money, and you will not get any points yet. Then you can go to normal game and still need to play only with real means. The tournament works so that Each winnings 1 euro will give you 1 point in the leader table And it is known that the more these points, the better the prize you will get.

Awards in the SPININOMENAL EXCLUSIVE tournament

Pula 10 000 Euro It allows Casino Vulkan Vegas to prepare for its players quite decent prizes. For the first person on the list, that is the one who scored the most points, up to 2,500 euros. A person just followed by 1,600 euros, and another one will be able to praise 1 200 euros. The first person behind the podium should be satisfied because it will get exactly 1,000 euros. Generally awarded players will be 20.