AUD 40,000 for hand in Vulkan Vegas

By magdalena
22 March, 2022
Not for the first time we remember about the Vulkan Vegas casino, we have placed on our site. This is currently one of the most interesting online casinos on the market and we will be happy to recommend players from Australia. One of the advantages of this page we always say are endless tournaments. After one event, the second is coming - there is no respite in this casino. It is impossible to hide that many players use this casino just because of tournaments, there are little websites with gambling games, in which you can always take advantage of the interesting tournament. In this article you will learn more about the latest event, so we invite you to read.

Overview of new machines in Vulkan Vegas

Players often get used to slots. They find a few favorites and they choose these titles on the occasion. While this is understandable, such players do not know what they lose. Almost every week, completely new machines appear on the market, which are worth trying. New technologies give completely new opportunities that make the slots work even better than one day.

Vulkan Vegas decided to encourage players to take advantage of new ones by organizing an interesting tournament associated with them. During its duration, you can only use new machines that we will know about. Fun will last until the end of March 21, 2022It is still quite a lot of time to take part in the event, and we can say that it is worth it, because it is worth AUD 40,000. This sum is to divide, but it is so large that it is worth it.

Rules for participating in the review of new machines in Vulkan Vegas

Steel players in Vulkan Vegas will not be surprised by the principles of this tournament, because all events are very similar to each other. If you've just registered on this page, you also do not have to worry about it because Regulations of competitions in this casino is not complicated. In this case, at the very beginning you must sign up for the competition (of course after you have already registered in the casino). Just click "Take Part" and you are already saved.

Then your task is to go through 10 qualifying spins. With their help you do not yet collect any points, but their play is obligatory. You can choose any game from the list, but remember that you must play real money, not with these bonus. After playing 10 spins you will start playing seriously. Generally, the principle is that For every winning AUD 5, the player gets 1 pointAnd the more points, the higher the win.

All games from which you can use during the tournament are completely new. They come from several manufacturers, so if you are looking for something diverse and high quality, be sure to check games in the tournament overview of new machines. The slots are enough so that you do not get bored, they are exactly 16And among other things you will find there:

  • Fruit Nova Super
  • HateTi's Nile
  • Vulkan Vegas Book of Tribes
  • Temple of Dead
  • Rome: The Golden Age
  • Piggy Bank Farm
  • Big Bucks Bandits Megaways
  • Eclipse of the Sun God

What can you win in the tournament Overview of new machines in Vulkan Vegas?

Vulkan Vegas offers quite a lot of winning, and this is AUD 40,000. It is known that this is a sum to divide, but already The first person on the list will get AUD 10,000So you can see that it is worth it. Another person also became lucky because it will get AUD 6,400, the next player will be able to praise the win in the amount of AUD 4,800. The player behind the podium will be from the casino AUD 4,000. Overall, the first 20 people will be awarded on the list. The advantage of these winnings is that they do not have any marketing requirement, so you can pay them immediately.