4 million offer from Betsson

By magdalena
7 June, 2022
You can spend June with Betsson Casino for several reasons. First of all, this is currently one of the best casinos on the market. There are several years and gained a lot of positive opinions that confirm this thesis. Betsson is safe, you can trust him in terms of transactions, data, as well as on the randomness of slots. There is one more reason why it is worth playing Betsson especially in June, and this is a large lottery in which there are over 4 million zlotys to give players. Below you will learn more about this amazing event, it is possible that you will also want to take advantage of such a favorable promotion.

What is a new promotion at Betsson?

The new lottery in Betsson is designed for all enthusiasts of various types. It does not impose too many conditions on players, the most important thing is to sign up for the tournament and then play as always. Nothing is needed to be able to win really big money. Betsson has to offer up to one million euros, which is about 4 million Australian zlotys! The competition began on May 29, 2022 and will last until June 29, 2022. You can get the prize every day and will soon explain how it is possible.

How to take part in New Lottery in Betsson Casino

At the beginning you have to register for the promotion. After signing up every day you can use the promotion. This works in this way that for each day of the week, the casino specifies a certain group of games from which you can use. The condition for the player is that there must be a bet with a value of at least AUD 1.60, then the plant counts. When you spend 40 AUD, you will get one lottery ticket for this sum. One day you can get up to 100 tickets to increase your chances of winning. Below is a list from which games where the day of the week can be used to win.

  • Tuesday: All casino games live
  • Wednesday: You can go back to the machines of any choice
  • Thursday: All game related to roulette
  • Friday: You can re-play slot games
  • Saturday: All games from the casino section are included
  • Sunday: You can play all machines again

So choose the right games, and you will get at least one ticket every day. The draw takes place every day and every day you can also win only one cash prize. However, the limit is imposed only on the day, and you can win a new prize every day.

What awards you can count on lottery from Betsson?

It must be admitted that in this case Betsson falls very generously. On the entire lottery, there were over 4 million zlotys, which is a great sum and does not meet it very often in online casinos. For each day a pool of over 133 thousand zlotys. Every day, as many as 4,500 winners will be awarded, so there is a very big chance that you will be one of them, even every day.

The first drawn will get a cash prize in the form 12 500 AUD. The next two people will get PO AUD 5,000. Then 5 people will get 2 500 zlotys. 10 consecutive people will be awarded AUD 500. 50 Next winners will be able to enjoy a prize of AUD 250. 123 people will get 50 zlotys. The rest will receive a cash prize worth AUD 25. You can sign up for a lottery every day, so every day you have a chance to the main prize. So do not waste your time, sign yourself when you want and when you have time for some risk. We wish you good luck and good moments with Betsson Casino.