Casino with Trustly

By magdalena
May 20, 2022

Online casinos try more and more to facilitate payment and payment of money to your accounts. Finances are one of the most important aspect of the casino, and players choose individual parties on the basis of the possibility of free financing in the casino. Many sides of this type decided to add a method of payment, thanks to which payment of money to the casino are extremely simple and fast, and this is a trustly. We would like to tell you about this method and explain thoroughly, as you can use it and what the impact on online casinos and players. It is currently commonplace that it is good to know about it a little more. So we invite you to read.

  • Simple and not requiring registration. Payment method
  • A really large number of banks is supported
  • Trustly is accepted by most casinos and bookmaking platforms
  • Payments and withdrawals are free
  • A more doubtful security issue when using this payment method
  • A long waiting time for payment of funds - as much as in the case of a standard bank transfer

What is and how to use Trustly

Trustly is a well-known method of deposit to the casino. It was already developed in 2008 in Sweden and was quite early in online casinos. Therefore, one of the best gambling in the world, we talk more about. Let's start with the fact that today Trustly is connected with over 150 banks, mainly with those in Europe. You can easily use this method, if you have an account in one of the supported banks, and the list is really long. As for the international sphere, then Trustly is slowly incorporated into banks and it can be assumed that within a few years it will be known in every corner of the world.

The trustly uses 29 countries freely, you can easily make transfers between different banks, for different products, there are no limits. The only condition is that a given player had an account in one of the banks (on the list there are all the largest banks, so the one you use, certainly also there is) and downloading applications or simply using a website dedicated to Trustly. A simple interface of the site and application is something that particularly likes users. Some banks may flit in terms of graphic design, but not trustly. It is thanks to this method that you can really pay money from a given bank.

How to use Trustly in online casino

If you have never used Trustly in the online casino, you do not have to worry about the stock, because it is nothing difficult. At the very beginning you should choose Trustly as an option from which you will use most often. By the way, we must inform you about a small disadvantage of this method, because the withdrawals are not as intuitive as payment, and sometimes they are not impossible. So you have to focus on payments, and to pay, for example, an ordinary transfer or other method.

When you choose Trustly and you are ready to pay your first deposit, you choose the option, click on the Trustly icon and you will be moved to the page. There you have to log in to your bank, choose a sum, and Trustly will generate a special, one-time code for you. Enter it in a suitable place, and the amount you choose will appear in your account within a few minutes. At this point, we also have to mention a valid thing that is sometimes ignored by casino users. Trustly is sometimes marked in online casinos as Instabank.

Trustly is a method quickly, and trustworthy, which can already be noticed at the level of its name. It has a trust in your name, so it should be a sign for users. Words are one thing, but after more than 10 years after the appearance on the Trustly market showed that it does not fail in any way. This method is licensed and all transactions are monitored. The activities of this method are supervised by a special committee, so if something happens, you will not appeal to the user, you can easily seek help and even the return of cash. This is very important for people who do not always trust internet options. Rarely happens that customers are dissatisfied with the operation of operations through Trustly.

What casinos offer payment by Trustly

It is really a lot of casinos that have decided to provide the possibility of deposits from Trustly. Among them there are very popular casinos and new ones whose owners know that thousands of players use daily with Trustly and they also willingly use this option also in the online casino. Trustly has been existing for over 10 years, so no wonder that players and owner had time to check her and confidence. Among the casinos with this method of payment is, for example:

  • Spinia Casino.
  • Bob Casino
  • Sloty Casino
  • BetChan
  • energy casino
  • Zazamba.
  • cookie casino
  • Slot Wolf Casino
  • Malina Casino.
  • Slotty Vegas Casino.

It can be replaced even longer because these casinos are really a lot. This is very good news, because if you are used to use trustly, in almost every casino you will be able to find this option and just with its help you will pay your deposits. All these casinos are very popular and you will definitely find in them. Most Reviews can be found on our site, so if you are interested in registration in one of the better casinos, it is necessary to put it from Trsutly, you certainly will not disappointed.

Advantages and disadvantages of Using Trustly

You can not hide that Trustly has really a lot of advantages. It is not a coincidence that players so often choose this method to pay their deposits. It is checked, fast and secure. The payment goes to the casino in a few minutes, so if you have a desire to play, and your account is empty, you only need a few minutes to start a gameplay. For many players it is important that Trustly is completely free. The customer does not pay for using this method under no circumstances, so you do not have to expect.

In addition, Trustly cares for data of his players. Especially on the website dedicated to this method, there is no registration option for the player information not to be on servers. In this case, there is no option for hackers to learn about data on your bank, name, name or any other. All information is regularly deleted so that no one has a problem. The codes are one-time and after a few minutes lose their validity, so no one but you can use them.

Trustly does not have many disadvantages, but you should mention several matters. One of them is that with the help of this method in the vast majority of cases, you can not pay your casino funds. In this case, players must choose a different way to send money to his account. Another disadvantage shows that Trustly for a moment is not widely available outside Europe. So if you use an online casino whose headquarters is outside Europe, you will have to look for an alternative to Trustly. However, we are sure that in the next few years it will change.