By magdalena
8 February, 2022

Players currently have a facilitated task because they can use many payment methods that are particularly advantageous to them. In this article, we would like to look closely at Blik, which is currently one of the most functional way of payment. Players require appropriate conditions to use online casinos and this is their right, so the owners of such arrivals allow them by introducing comforts, for example through Blik. If you do not want to have a problem with payments and withdrawals, be sure to use the online casino that offers such a type of payment. Below you will learn exactly which casinos offer the possibility of payment by blik, as it looks like what are the disadvantages and advantages and much more.

What exactly is Blik and how to use it

For people who value fast payments and their simplicity, the BLK may turn out to be the simplest solution. Under no circumstances, it is not required for payment to pay a given product only one code. However, let's start from the very beginning. Some are surprised when they hear that BLK was really the Australian invention, and it has actually been developed by a Australian standard of payment, which is now a large part of banks not only in Australia, but also in Europe and slowly in the world.

Blik appeared in 2015 and due to its high functionality, it became a popular payment system very quickly. It is estimated that in 2019 every few seconds someone paid Blik, and these numbers are still growing. However, there is nothing strange about it, because it is worth using this payment system. It is fast, it does not require you to enter a lot of information about the person who pays, and in addition the use of a blik is completely free. However, it is worth remembering that if you want to pay with its help, you must have an account in one of these banks:

  • Getin Bank
  • Noble Bank
  • Credit Agricole
  • Santander Bank Polska
  • mbank
  • Alior Bank
  • Bump kebasas
  • PKO BP
  • Bank baked with.
  • T-Mobile banking services

If you have an account in one of these banks, the payment of Blik is only a formality. For this you have to download the application of a given bank, because it is with her help you will generate codes from which you will then use the casino. If you want, you can have an account in each of these banks, just the application of each one. The codes will not interfere with each other. It is worth adding that the use of the blik is completely safe because any information about the player is very well encoded, and the national settlement chamber deals with all settlements.

In the case of the code itself, it is generated only when you get such a request. This service works around the clock, you do not have to wait for the Bank's job hours, the BLK is not dependent on them. The code always has 6 digits, and it is created from 0 to 9. Here we have very important information because each code works only for 2 minutes. So if you do not use it, you will have to generate another one. So do not put your phone, go to payment right away and have it from your head. The application we have already mentioned. It works on any mobile device, so it does not matter if you use Android, an iPhone or a different type of program, you can always generate your Blik code in a few seconds.

How to use the Blik application in gambling casinos

Once you find an online casino with the possibility of paying Blik, it's half of the success. The most important thing is that it is present and then it will only be easier. Casinos do not always place words blik when they exchange individual payment methods. Sometimes, instead of Blik, they write transfeive24 or even a different name. It is best to ask customer service, whether this form of payment is available or not. Then you will be sure and you can decide if you want to register on this page. Most of the famous Australian casinos and bookmakers have such an option, but not everyone. These are among others:

  • STS
  • LV Bet
  • Betclic
  • Fortuna
  • Totalbet
  • Total Casino
  • PZ Buk
  • Betfan

And a few more. Foreign casinos still need some time to find out for this payment, but we think that this is a matter of time. This is also associated with the fact that with the help of a blika players can only pay for a deposit, it does not work in the case of transferring money from the casino to your account. It works like when paying for a given product, but then players must choose another method to get their winnings.

Using a blika in casinos is very simple, especially if you sometimes paid for other products. After registration and confirmation of your identity, you can approach your first deposit. Enter your profile and select the payment method. It will be a blik or other name that casino on him. It is worth paying attention. Enter the sum, and then you will be moved to your application, there, confirm the transaction, enter the code into the right place and use it within two minutes. Money should come immediately, no later than within a few minutes. Then you can easily use them for games, for bonuses, for sports betting and for everything offered at a given casino.

Do you have any defects?

We already talked about the advantages of payment with the help of a blika. This is, among others, an amazing convenience of transactions, the speed of its conduct, as well as security that can be guaranteed. However, this method does not only have advantages, unfortunately, there is no such method. One of the biggest disadvantages turns out that this moment is mainly used only in online casinos with Australian owners. However, if you prefer these foreign ones, you will not be satisfied, because most of them do not support this method, although there are exceptions.

However, we are sure that this is a matter of time and the option of BLK will start to appear in an increasing number of online casinos. As you can see, the blik has a lot more advantages than defects, and you can always count on it and for very fast payment to the casino. If you can not use it with it, you can also choose other payment methods that are similar, for example Skrill or Trustly. However, if you care only on the blik, use the list we put above. In the near future you will certainly be able to take advantage of many other casinos with Blik, because it very quickly develops.