Perfect Money

By magdalena
25 April, 2022

Perfect Money, although on the market it exists from a relatively long time (2007), it is still not a commonly used method of payment as Skrill or Neteller. And this is not only a gambling half-element, but also all other applications. Most often it is used for Forex platforms.

This does not mean, however, that this payment method is not used for payments to casino and bookmaking platforms. We will still find relatively many gambling platforms that allow us to submit a deposit with Perfect Money - which is why we have just prepared a separate review of this payment method, which is still often completely unknown to players, and offers quite a lot of interesting functions.

After visiting the Perfect Money website, we can take a few professional platform decor - as we remember the websites from from decades, it is more or less on this level the decor of the official website of this payment method. How fast we will notice - the platform offers its users a whole lot of possibilities and contrary to appearances is really expanded.

What can Perfect Money can be used? In principle, everything - we can hold your funds here on the account we open, send funds between users, and pay for various types of goods and services via the Internet. The big advantage of Perfect Money is also that through this system we can process payments in many different ways - Fiat currencies as an American dollar or euro, cryptowalut, and even gold!

Although you can have something to complain about when it comes to the safety of use - especially the aspect of transparency. Of course, if Perfect Money was unfair towards his clients, we would certainly not recommend and not reviewed this method of payment. Although, among all renowned online portfolios, Perfect Money is burdened with the greatest "mystery" - and this is never good in the world of finance.

The problem is primarily that we do not know who is the owner of this brand and what's worse - we do not even know in which country this company is registered. Perfect Money offers its services for over 12 years and it's hard to have any reservations about their quality, although the lack of any information on the assumption of this company has the right to arouse anxiety.

  • Many ways to give your Perfect Money account
  • A widely used payment method on Forex Platforms
  • The company has been existing for 12 years and collects relatively good opinions from the community
  • Users from the United States are not accepted
  • High commissions at payday - equal to 2%
  • Low quality Australian translation and other languages

O Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a payment method that has been on the market for a very long time - it was founded in 2007. However, it still remains a more niche choice when it comes to internet payments and is not so widely used as other solutions, such as Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, or Trustly.

The use of Perfect Money and registration on this site is really simple. However, we must remember that as in the case of any service dealing with our finances - we have to verify identity here. It's best to do it at the very beginning, just after registration.

If we start using the Perfect Money website, we will notice that this payment method offers users relatively many functions. For the most part, Forex players use it, albeit not only. When it comes to Forex markets, this is one of the most frequently used web portfolios, but it also has application when it comes to gambling platforms.

A big advantage is also that the Perfect Money website is fully translated into Australian. In addition to the fully international platform, the site is also available in English, German, Greek, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Italian and many others! The downside, however, is the relatively low quality of this translation - this does not interfere with use, although not necessarily matching the context of wording or typos are a fairly common element here.


A key factor for which players often pay attention to the use of Perfect Money is the safety aspect. You can not blame them because before we start using Perfect Money services, we should familiarize themselves with information about this payment method.

Above all - there is no transparency here. We do not know the owner of Perfect Money or even the country in which this platform is registered. There were rumors that the headquarters of this company were supposed to be in Panama, although these doubts were already dissolved by the Panama government.

Doubts can also wake the fact that Perfect Money's wallet has its own cryptopal, although it is not supported on the page. In addition, the URL of Perfect Money until recently ended on .com - currently it is .is, which indicates how the company was to be registered in Iceland. There are no grounds for this claim, however, and it is not known from where this change of domain.

Optimism does not contain a relatively weak translation into Australian. And unfortunately - not only our language translation is low quality - this also applies to other languages.

The Perfect Money platform has been on the market for a long time and nothing indicates that it would be dishonest. However, it is understood why customers often choose other platforms. On the market, the choice of internet portfolios is very large - if this brand does not offer anything special beyond competition, it is better to keep your funds on a platform that does not have so many "red flags".

Payments and withdrawals

Perfect Money allows its clients to give an account in many different ways. For this purpose, we can use bank transfer, payment cards, Perfect Money cards and many other ways that largely depend on our country or region of residence.

Of course, in the case of withdrawals, we will be more limited in terms of the number of methods that are entitled to us, although we easily pay our means by bank transfer, for a bank card or the PREPAID PERFECT Money card.

What casinos support Perfect Money?

Unfortunately, in this payment method, the casino list is not particularly long. This does not mean, however, that the casino does not support this payment method - they support, and more often than we can seem. Although we will not experience Perfect Money on every gambling platform, as this place for the most popular SKRill, Neteller, or PaySafecard solutions, where it is uncommon.

With Perfect Money we will pay, among others:

  • Zen Casino
  • RedBox
  • 1xBet Casino
  • Bitsbar
  • slottica